I normally hate trivia, but I have been obsessed with the idea of writing trivia questions entirely from my existing knowledge (ie without research) (except to check that they're right). Here's the second day of my 5 Days Of Trivia - without googling or checking the comments, answer as many of these as you can. No cheating!

As we move away from entertainment, my knowledge-base gets waaaaaaay less specific, so you should have a much better chance of getting these.

History and Politics:
1) BLANK for America was consistently the lowest-polling candidate for the 2016 Republican Party presidential nomination. Who is BLANK?
2) Abbott and Costello are the surnames of which two prominent Australian politicians?
3) Which former mayor of Toowoomba led the campaign against treated sewage water during the drought?
4) What was Toronto's name before it was Toronto?
5) Why did Mark Hofmann start bombing Mormon document collectors?
6) In which year was Australia Federated?
7) It's crazy that the guy who comes in second gets to be Vice President. We can change that. You know why?
8) Why didn't the Ancient Egyptians ride horses?
9) Which was the first state to ratify the US Constitution?
10) Who was the youngest female convict on the First Fleet?
1) Is it John Gilmore?
2) Tony Abbott, but I don't know the Costello
3) no idea
4) I feel like I should know this but don't
5) no idea
6) Some time in the 1890's?
7) I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but there are a few ways. A constitutional amendment would alter how the electoral college works. Alternatively, if no candidate gets a majority of electoral college votes, the runner up wouldn't necessarily be the VP since (if memory serves), the US House would select the president, and the Senate would select the VP.
8) They didn't have stirrups.
9) Delaware
10) no idea