Kiandacorp: Let's Write a Sitcom - Preamble

There's a series of articles by Rich Burlew (the man behind The Order of the Stick) that I've re-read more than anything else on the internet. It's called The New World, and he simply talks through the process of creating a campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons. It's years old, unfinished, and I've never heard anyone else talk about it - I found it through randomly clicking on the website.

It's utterly fascinating to me; anything involving the creative process is. I've watched Kevin Smith's Q&A sessions more than I've watched Kevin Smith's films, I've seen the Behind the Scenes on Coraline more than I've watched the movie, and even though I'm not a programmer, I've followed Shamus Young's blog for years simply because he talks you through the decisions involved in programming a procedurally generated game or screensaver.

And so, inevitably, I've decided to write what I love reading; over the coming weeks and months, I'm going to go from a random assortment of ideas in my head to a completed script for a sitcom pilot (and possibly a show bible as well.) Like Rich Burlew, I'll try to avoid thinking about/working on the project when I'm not blogging about it, but I make no promises.

A bit about me: I'm a 24-year old aspiring television writer/producer. I've written and filmed five television pilots over the past few years - in 2008, I made two sitcom pilots and a children's television show, in 2010 I made another children's television pilot and in early 2012 I made a superhero TV show.

I suspect I'll frequently find myself referring to these shows and the lessons I learned along the way, so I've uploaded all five scripts (and two of the shows; the rest are on there way) - there's a brief summary of each in the next post.

I'll also be making reference to Tim Ferguson's book on narrative comedy, The Cheeky Monkey - if you have any interest in sitcom writing it's a must-have, but I'll be fully explaining anything I use from it for those who don't have a copy.

My goal for this project is not only to write a full script for Kiandacorp (the show's working title) but also to share what I know about the creation of a television show, learn from anyone reading this who wants to impart their knowledge on the subject, and possibly even generate enough interest to warrant filming the pilot.

This is all being cross-posted to my main site and to Tumblr - and of course, you can email me at any time on

If you have any questions or advice, or just want to let me know that you're reading, please don't hesitate to get in contact! I'm excited about not only the show, but the whole blogging process, and I'm looking forward to some potentially interesting interactions.

Up next: My previous shows