Moon of Despair - Birthday Redux

So I've been writing lyrics with my girlfriend lately (that's right, girlfriend! If you only keep up with me on livejournal...that is dumb. Get Facebook.) and I was reminded of an old song I wrote years ago, which was lyrically interesting but with no (apparent) substance.

I pulled it out again, dusted it off, removed half the verses (seriously, this thing was 10 verses long) and rearranged what was remaining, tweaked some of the lyrics. I don't know what else to do with it, so here it is: a song I wrote on a bus several years ago. If anyone wants to put music to it, be my guest.

Also, it's my birthday! Huzzah!

The Moon of Despair

Oh the sun's always shining
Except for when it rains
And the zombies are all smilin'
Until they eat your brains

The man with the handshake
He wants to be your friend
But if you're not careful
His lips will start to bend

Oh, the moon of despair, yeah
The moon of despair
The moon of despair, yeah,
The moon of despair

Eyes on the road now
Hands in the air
What's the point of fighting
When you're not a bear

Meat wrapped in plastic
Never goes off
If you start to throw up
Disguise it as a cough


Boys in the playground
Playin' on the swings
Men in the pawn shop
Selling wedding rings

Don't learn a language
Don't climb a tree
Don't go to the garden
And get stung by a bee


Don't go with women
Don't go with men
Don't write with a pencil
If you can get a pen

If you marry young
You're sure to die old
And if you've got no fire
Your feet will get cold


What's all the ruckus
What's making all the noise?
The girl with the peacock
Will get the biggest boys

The thing about tractors
The thing you'll never know
The secret to survival
Is putting on a show

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