Peter's Thoughts on Lost, Season 1, Episodes 4-6

WARNING: Spoilers for the first season of Lost!

I've decided to watch through the sci-fi/fantasy series Lost from the start, and tweet about it as I go. Before I started, I'd never seen an episode of the show, though I'd heard bits and pieces (simply from spending time online). You can watch this happen LIVE, over at

Please do NOT comment with any spoilers! I'm really enjoying finding things out as they happen on the show.

Episode 4

  • Who names their dog "Vincent" anyway?

  • Someone's tearing the plane apart. My guess: Charlie, searching for drugs.

  • Holy crap, I was way off! It looked like polar bears. A tiny gang of polar bears.

  • Mr Lock claims it was boars, but what does he know? They were clearly polar bears.

  • Jack wants to burn some dead bodies. I'm on board with this. I can only hope that they'll then EXPLODE.

  • "It appears you're as anxious to get off this island as I am." Nooo, she wants to stay here forever. What a stupid comment.

  • Oh, excellent! The inevitable "we're out of food" episode. I've been looking forward to this.

  • Mr Lock is awesome.

  • Oh man, BRILLIANT subversion. Anyone who's seen the Colonel Lock phonecall will know what I'm talking about.

  • Australian Pregnant Girl's name is Clare, Little Black Kid's name is Walt.

  • Bitchy Girl just got challenged to catch a fish. I predict wacky hijinks and eventual success.

  • Bitchy Girl's name is Shannon. Looks like she's going to convince Charlie to catch the fish for her. Wacky hijinks!

  • Jack is learning that being the hot heroic doctor means people want you to do the awkward emotional things.

  • Humans: 0, Boar: 1.

  • I assume Lock's boss won't be recurring, else he'd be an easy lock for Least Likeable.

  • Two idiots are wrestling with a sharp stick. Surely someone will have been accidentally stabbed by the end of the episode.

  • I wonder if everyone will have a beard by the end of the season, or if they'll conveniently find some razors.

  • Old Black Woman's husband's been dead 4 days, and already she's hitting on Jack.

  • Woah, Mr Lock is a lot more of a loser than I expected. Lost seems to be all about setting up a cool character, then making them suck.

  • It can be really tricky to tell the difference between the dramatic music, and the in-show sound-effects.

  • Old Black Lady is called "Rose". She is not only not contributing to the food-hunt, but she's taking up Jack's time as well.

  • She also seems to be insane. "My husband is not dead." "Uh, yes he is" "Well that's what HE probably thinks about YOUR FACE."

  • They've done the ole "See someone then look away and when you look back he's GONE" trick. Doesn't quite sit right.

  • My theories on what the big beast is: -The Queen Polar Bear. -King Kong. -The Spirit of the Forest. -A Dinosaur. -A Land-whale.

  • Hey, Lock caught a boar! Good on him. I'd forgotten how satisfying it was to see losers win. Well played, Lost.

  • Wow. I was going to comment on the fact that Lock always looked at his feet when he woke up, but holy Brilliant Script-writing.

  • That's really impressed me. This is why I've avoided the show for so long - I knew it was going to start great, then rapidly deteriorate.

  • At the end of the first disc, Most Intriguing Character: Asian Wife. Most Likeable:Mr Lock. Least Likeable: Lock's boss?

Episode 5

  • Whoops. Accidentally put in Disc 7. The menu image was the mysterious door. Looks like that's coming up some time this season!

  • No characters are particularly intriguing or dislikeable at this point, but Asian Wife has gotten a lot of screen-time without doing much.

  • So disc 2 starts with topless Jack saving someone's life. I can see why this show appeals to the female demographic.

  • Two people! Saving two people's lives!

  • I can't work out if this show is high-budget or low-budget. On one hand, they only seem to have one set...

  • ...on the other hand, exploding polar bears.

  • The disc started freezing up, but it conveniently only froze up during the "opening credits". (the word "Lost" appearing on-screen.)

  • Crap! It's freezing up. Stop it, Lost! I just want to observe your mysteries and sexual tension unfold..

  • Okay, that time Jack didn't even look away between first seeing the man and him disappearing. He didn't even blink.

  • I hope this hairbrush shortage directly relates to the plane crash.

  • Oh Aussie Pregnant Girl Whose Name I've Forgotten, I liked you a lot better before you started talking about astrology.

  • Jack is not enjoying being the Queen Bee. Hopefully Lindsey Lohan will arrive on the island, discredit him, and take over. #meangirls

  • Jack's Dad wins this episode's Least Likeable Character hands-down. One week, it may even be a recurring character.

  • I assume Jack's mystery hallucination man is his father. I really hope it's something more interesting than that though.

  • Oh wow, it was his father. Who saw that coming? Boo, Lost. You're better than this, you know you are.

  • So is that one boar meant to have lasted these 47 people several days?

  • Ooh, someone stole the water. It's a mystery! Detective Lock to the rescue.

  • I love how many Australians there are in this show.

  • Haha, an Australian $50 note. Cue millions of Americans scratching their heads, wondering what those yellow pieces of paper were.

  • Jack is rolling down a hill. I hope he doesn't break his crown.

  • He is now hanging off the edge of a cliff. They cut to an ad break on that, a literal cliff-hanger.

  • You can tell this show was written by Americans. In real life, the Brits and Aussies would have bonded minutes after the crash.

  • I quite like Sawyer's habit of giving everyone nicknames.

  • Housemate just said that I looked unimpressed. I'm enjoying Lost, but I've been told that it goes severely downhill.

  • Blech. The show's getting into some murky grounds here. "Everything that happens happens for a reason. It's a magical place."

  • I have no problem with magical realism, but you can't just throw it in in the 5th episode. Pick a tone from the start, like Life On Mars.

  • Sure there were Polar Bears in the jungle, but they were flesh-and-blood Polar Bears, not whimsical imagination Polar Bears.

  • Everyone keeps talking about how they've been waiting for sooo long - 6 days? How fast are these rescue services normally??

  • Oh excellent, Jack's organising the survivors. I like forced societies. Interesting stuff.

  • Jack wins most likeable AND most intriguing at this point, but this episode didn't really have many other characters in it. Lock still rocks

Episode 6

  • I hate DVDs that have "Previously on..." - it tells you too much about what the episode's going to be about.

  • I don't care what the show is, 1 minute 30 of "Previously on" is too much.

  • Just noticed. Does every episode start with an eye opening?

  • Haha, Lock shaves with one of his knives. 

  • Charlie's being a tosser this episode. I like him better as light-hearted comic relief.

  • It appears that Asian Wife is a socialite, and Cruel Asian Husband is a lowly serving boy, but I'm expecting subversion any second

  • Stupid subtitled scenes. I can't tweet and read at the same time!

  • Asian Wife's name is Sun. Still no name for Cruel Asian Husband.

  • Cruel Asian Husband is beating the crap out of Black Father. Indian Guy and Caucasian Wanker to the rescue!

  • Mysteries so far: -The monster -Cause of the plane crash -French Radio message -Jack's Dad's body -Kate's past -Black Father's name

  • -Why there was a Polar Bear in the middle of the jungle. (my favourite mystery so far)

  • Cruel Asian Husband is extremely likeable in these flashbacks. Something must happen to turn him cruel. Family killed by polar bears?

  • Charlie is covered in bees!! (that only really works if you say it in Eddie Izzard's accent)

  • Oooh, an old old body. Also: Jack and Kate have been "forced" to take their clothes off. Soon they'll be "forced" to make out.

  • The bodies have been here for 40 or 50 years. Must be unrelated to the 16 year-ago radio signal.


  • It occurs to me that nothing has exploded since the first episode. Writers, get onto that.

  • Also, haven't had any polar bears in aaaaages. At least the show's fulfilling its half-naked woman quota.

  • Oh, I see. Cruel Asian Man became a workaholic. We have a workaholic, a drug addict...I had hopes that Jack would be an alcoholic, but no go

  • "Adam and Eve knew they could survive here." Then how come they're dead, Jack? Think it through!

  • "When's my birthday?" "August 21st. When's mine?" BURNNNN. You totally shut your son down, man!

  • Oooh, Cruel Asian Husband is covered in blood. Assassin? Thug? Ninja?

  • And just like that, Cruel Asian Husband is cruel. Not the most satisfying backstory. I preferred the one with the one-armed Aussie farmer.

  • Jack's worried about convincing people to move to the cave. Screw that. Just say"I'm going to be in the cave with the water", they'll follow.

  • Mr Lock called Charlie "Johnny" and neither character acknowledged it as strange in any way.

  • ...hang on, Lock's name is Johnny. John Lock. Error on writer's part, character quirk, or some kind of foreshadowing?

  • Grrr. They're splitting into two groups. Pro-cave, pro-beach...what a pointless schism. Makes sense though.

  • Oooh, Asian Wife was planning to run away. Nice bit of backstory. Much better than the simple "He was mean." plot they had going.

  • Holy crap she speaks English!

  • I want Asian Wife ("Sun") to seduce Black Father. There's some sexual tension sparking there, let's get it aflame!

  • Okay, Lock's "The Island is a benevolent being" thing is starting to grow on me.

  • Most intriguing character: Kate. Most likeable: Lock. Least likeable: Cruel Asian Husband. Kate's being lovely and mysterious this ep.

  • Sun voluntarily decided not to run. This character is really nicely layered. Well worth the six episodes of "not doing much".

  • So what'd they do with the bodies before they moved into the cave? Burn them? Leave them for the boars to snack on? Throw them in the sea?

  • Hurley's discman battery is lasting quite a while.

Most intriguing: Kate on 2. (with 4 other characters on 1 - Mr Lock, Sayeed, Asian Wife, Jack.)
Most likeable: Lock on 2 (with 4 other characters on 1 - Charlie, Hurley, Ray, Jack)
Least likeable: Cruel Asian Man (Jin) at 3 (3 others on 1 - Lock's Boss, Jack's Dad, Shannon)