Peter's Thoughts on Lost - Episodes 1-3

Another day, another new use for my livejournal account. Today (and over the next few weeks) I'll be re-posting my thoughts on Lost - I watched through most of Lost in 2010 and recorded my thoughts as I did. I'm doing the same now with Heroes, and it occurred to me that my Lost notes are not in any kind of easily-accessible format.

If you know anyone who enjoys Lost, point them towards these entries, see if they find them interesting. They'll be under cuts. Comments welcome, but no spoilers!

WARNING: Spoilers for the first season of Lost!

I've decided to watch through the sci-fi/fantasy series Lost from the start, and tweet about it as I go. Before I started, I'd never seen an episode of the show, though I'd heard bits and pieces (simply from spending time online). You can watch this happen LIVE, over at http://twitter.com/PeterTweetTV.

Please do NOT comment with any spoilers! I'm really enjoying finding things out as they happen on the show.

Without further ado:

Episode 1:

  • Watching through Lost for the first time, have never seen it before. Starting at season 1 episode 1. Here we go!

  • Shots of a forest from a low angle. What is this, Life on Mars?

  • Oh good. He's left the forest, wandered onto a beach. This guy doesn't look familiar - does that indicate he's not going to last long?

  • Oooh, a jet engine still running. I will be sincerely disappointed if no-one gets sucked into that engine.

  • Awesome! Random redshirt, sucked into the jet engine. AND THEN IT EXPLODED. JJ Abrams sure knows what the audience wants.

  • Hey, the big guy with the long black hair. I know him. I've seen him on various promos for the show.

  • Jet wing fell over, AND THEN IT EXPLODED. Two explosions in the first few minutes. "Start as we mean to go on"?

  • Ignoring the pregnant lady (who didn't get any dialogue), our main character (who I just learned is a doctor) is convincing a lady to to stitch him up. The "First Girl" rule would indicate that she is going to be his love interest for the series. We'll see!

  • This guy is a hot topless wounded doctor with tattoos. He's just trying too hard to be hot. I bet it worked on the audience, but NOT ME.

  • Oh great, now he's revealing his dark past. And he's been heroic. Now all he needs to do is brood and play the guitar.

  • And introducing...hot bitchy female. My money's on her softening her tough exterior either gradually throughout the series, or in this ep.

  • I love watching a new show for the first time. So many characters, but in a few episodes, you know you'll be familiar with them all.

  • Oh, for christ's sake...the doctor is also a pilot. (well, "took a couple of flying lessons".)

  • "I saw some smoke" - if I remember correctly, this show features a..."smoke monster" or something?

  • Hey, an Aussie!

  • What the crap is happening? (loud noises, the forest is going bananas.) I get the feeling I'll be asking that question a lot.

  • During an aeroplane crash is one of the few times I completely condone the use of shaky-cam.

  • Slowly picking up characters names. First Girl is Kate. She is currently stealing shoes off a dead body. Very Nobby Nobbs of her.

  • I hope that Scar-face Orange-mouth doesn't ever get a name, so I can keep calling him Scar-face Orange-mouth.

  • I can't place Beard-guy Monkey-ear's accent. Irish?

  • So far, most intriguing character: Scar-Face Orange-mouth. Most likeable character: Beard-guy Monkey-ears. Least likeable: Hot Bitchy Female.

  • I've heard bits and pieces about this show over the years. All the plane's passengers are connected Orient-Express-style, right?

  • Also, they find...like, a door in the ground? And they meet a group known as "The Others". That is literally all that I know.

  • Beard-face Monkey-ear's name is "Charlie". Still no idea of the doctor's name.

  • "Has anybody..." "Not yet." Has anybody what?? Died? Yes, dozens of people. I suppose he could mean "contacted us", but that's not clear.

  • Oooh. Charlie was doing something suspicious in the bathroom. A new mysterious layer added to my favourite character!

  • Until further evidence arrives, I'm going to assume that they've crashed on Skull Island, and it's King Kong eating the dead passengers.

  • Man, they are really into shaky-cam on this show.

  • Yeah, nice attempt to increase the stakes (Charlie's foot trapped in vines) but I know he won't die. He's too cool.

  • I've heard that Lost answers almost no questions, so I'm guessing we'll never know: -what the monster is -what Charlie had in the bathroom

  • -what the doctor's name...oh, they just named him. "Jack".

  • Oooh, lovely focus pull. One of the most effective focus pulls I've ever seen. (onto the water's reflection)

  • And thus ends Lost episode 1. My verdict so far: Like "King Kong" meets "Predator" meets "Lord of the Flies" meets "House M.D."

Episode 2

  • So Charlie is claiming that he was throwing up in the bathroom, but my money's on him trying to find his drugs.

  • Oh. That was it. I feel...underwhelmed.

  • Oh cool. I hope we get to see the plane's crash from every character's point of view. One per episode.

  • Haha, Hot Bitchy Female is sun-bathing while everyone else works. Could she be any more stereotypically hot and bitchy? 

  • My theory: the plane crash was orchestrated to kill everyone on board for various reason. The band didn't want a druggie bassist...the other doctors were tired of Jack getting all the girls, the pregnant lady's husband didn't want a kid, and no one liked Hot Bitchy girl.

  • If I'm ever in a plane crash, I'm not going to be at all helpful. I'm not a doctor, electrician, hot bitchy female...

  • Instead of explosions, like the first episode, this one has hot girls in their underwear. Again, two in the first few minutes...

  • Blood, explosions, hot girls in their underwear...this is very much a guy's show.

  • "Wait for me to-" "He said the batteries won't last." Um, take them out? Turn it off for 10 minutes? It's not rocket surgery.

  • Okay, so my choices have shifted. Most intriguing character: Electrician Guy. Most likeable: Big guy with long hair. Least: Cruel Asian Man.

  • Ever since the drugs, I've gone right off Charlie. And Hot Bitchy Girl is too two-dimensional to really dislike.

  • For the first five episodes of every TV show, all the characters should just wear name-tags. Would make my life a lot easier.

  • Dogs aren't allowed on planes are they? Surely there are rules against that.

  • Scar-face Orange-man is playing backgammon against himself. So cute.

  • "Backgammon's the oldest game in the world." What about prostitution, Scar-face Orange-man?

  • Is he trying to make backgammon some kind of elaborate metaphor?

  • There are a lot of Australians on this show.

  • Woah, cool. Angry Man just shot a polar bear. AND THEN IT EXPLODED.

  • Big Guy with Long Hair just made me laugh. First laugh so far. I hadn't even noticed, but it's not a particularly funny show.

  • "Hurley". Big Guy's name is Hurley.

  • Second laugh of the show - "I just shot a bear!" I have long maintained that bears are the funniest animal. Polar bears especially so.

  • Another crash flashback. (hereafter referred to as "crashbacks".) Kate is a criminal! Nice twist.

  • My prediction is that they run out of crashbacks by episode 5.

  • Scene on the hill with the radio filmed by Michael Bay. The camera has not stopped moving once.

  • Angry Angry Man is quickly becoming a contender for least likeable character. Even if he did shoot a polar bear.

  • I can't deny it; this show builds a good mystery. End of episode 2.

Episode 3

  • I have time for one more episode before going to the doctor's.

  • Season 1, episode 3. - the first one with a "previously, on lost"

  • "Don't trust her, she's dangerous." My guess is that Kate is secretly a polar bear.

  • Oh!! Angry Man is Sawyer. I've heard that name a lot.

  • Haha, the plane left from Australia. That explains why there are so many Aussies.

  • Hurley: "Was it a dinosaur? You didn't see it, it might be a dinosaur!" This is just reinforcing my Skull Island theory.

  • No, you fools! Don't give the gun to Kate. She's a polar bear! She's going to seek revenge for her fallen brother!

  • Oh man, this Aussie farmer is awesome. He is my new favourite character. I hope he gets his own spin-off. "Lefty the farmer."

  • Oh Kate and Jack, you guys have to be honest with each other! Don't let lies get in the way of your sexual tension!

  • Hurley is the Scooby Doo of Lost.

  • Every time anyone hears a noise and turns around, I assume they're going to find a polar bear. I am frequently disappointed.

  • Come on Cruel Asian Man, do something to make me warm to you. Shoot a polar bear!

  • I was trying to work out a term for non-crash-related "crashbacks", when I realised they were just called "flashbacks".

  • Oh Aussie doctor, you should marry Kate, and have one-armed Aussie criminal babies.

  • Most intriguing character: Kate. Most likeable character: Lefty the Aussie Farmer.Least likeable: Cruel Asian Man.

  • Nooo! Aussie Farmer, why?? Why would you do that? You are no longer my pick for "most likeable character".

  • Aussie Farmer is called "Ray", Scar-face Orange-mouth is called "Mr Lock".

  • I know it's bad form to stop in the middle of an episode, but I don't want to be late for the doctor. Will resume when I return!

  • Okay, back to it! I'm 15 minutes from the end of s1e3

  • Sawyer is Kate's shoulder-devil. She already seems pretty evil, does she even need a shoulder-devil?

  • Dying-cop-man, your cryptic comments might be good for keeping the mysteries going, but they're just shitting me off at the moment.

  • It's surprisingly confusing seeing all these cars driving on the left. Television-cars drive on the right, it's a fact.

  • NO! Lefty!! I know I wasn't your biggest fan, but don't die!!

  • Oh, "Kate" seems to be her real name. That's surprising. I was looking forward to her being a Mrs Reynolds sort of character.

  • Kate is holding steady for "most intriguing" character. Moments of pure sweetness, shady past, has a gun.

  • Jack looks like a mix of Ben Affleck and Adam Sandler.

  • Sawyer, don't throw away your cigarette. You're stranded on an island, there's no corner-store to buy a new packet from.

  • Mr Lock is on the beach, trying to summon King Kong with his whistle.

  • Awww! He found the puppy! He's become a serious contender for most likeable.

  • Jack's voice is suddenly really nasal. Sounds like he's doing a nerd impression. He hasn't always sounded like that, has he?

  • Oh Jack, you prat. "I don't want to know what you did." That's nice, but the audience does!!

  • Current theories: -Hot Bitchy Girl and Hot Bitchy Girl's Brother aren't really brother and sister.

  • -Mr Lock knows more than he's letting on. -Vincent (the dog) will save someone's life. -Pregnant Australian girl's baby is a polar bear.

  • They just ended a happy song with a shot of Mr Lock, and suddenly there was DRAMATIC MUSIC. Lazy lazy mystery-building.

  • And so ends episode 3.

Awards Tally
Most intriguing: (three-way tie) Scar-faced Orange-mouth (Mr Lock) at 1, Electrician Guy (Sayeed) at 1, Kate (Kate) at 1.
Most likeable: (three-way tie) Beard-face Monkey-ears (Charlie) at 1, Big Guy with Long Hair (Hurley) at 1, Lefty the Aussie Farmer (Ray) at 1
Least likeable: Cruel Asian Man (Jin) at 2
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