July 23rd, 2016



I really hate trivia, but I have been obsessed with the idea of writing trivia questions entirely from my existing knowledge (ie without research) (except to check that they're right). Here's the fourth day of my 5 Days Of Trivia - without googling or checking the comments, answer as many of these as you can. No cheating!

Science and Nature:
1) Why did Cambridge close for two years during Isaac Newton's studies?
2) Which scientist invented the word "meme"?
3) Why was Unidan banned from reddit?
4) What is another name for frequency illusion (learning a new fact or word and then seeming to encounter it several times in quick succession)?
5) Which set of complex numbers did Jonathan Coulton write a song about?
6) Creationists frequently leave out a few key words when quoting the second law of thermodynamics. Which part do they drop?
7) In the eye of the hurricane, there is:
8) Marine biologists and whale experts have gone on record to confirm that which word is NOT a term meaning "whale penis"?
9) What is the name for the condition where the foreskin cannot be fully retracted over the penis?
10) What distinctive shape do duck penises have?