July 22nd, 2016



I typically hate trivia, but I have been obsessed with the idea of writing trivia questions entirely from my existing knowledge (ie without research) (except to check that they're right). Here's the second day of my 5 Days Of Trivia - without googling or checking the comments, answer as many of these as you can. No cheating!

I genuinely tried to put as much sports in as I could, to mixed results.

Sports & Leisure:
1) What is the nickname for the Australian national soccer team?
2) What is field hockey called in Australia?
3) Who is (widely considered) to be Australia's greatest batsman?
4) Combine dodgem cars, a basketball court, lacrosse scoops, and a wiffleball and you'll get which sport?
5) Which famous piece of Harry Potter fanfiction analyses the faults of Quidditch?
6) In The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, who brought tennis into existence from an alternate dimension?
7) I spend hours in the garden. I walk alone to the store. And it's quiet uptown. I never liked the:
8) Rubik's Cube and Codenames have both won which award?
9) Name three games which have achieved #1 in the BoardGameGeek rankings.
10) Who voiced Abe in Abe's Oddysee and its various sequels?